"Отходники" на английском языке

В издательстве Ibidem вышла книга Юрий Плюснина, Яны Заусаевой, Натальи Жидкевич, Артемия Позаненко "Отходники" (на английском языке).

Plusnin, Juri; Zausaeva, Yana; Zhidkevich, Natalia; Pozanenko, Artemy
Wandering Workers

This timely book offers a fresh perspective on the issue of contemporary migratory labor, otkhodnichestvo, in Russia-the temporary departure of inhabitants from small towns and villages for short-term jobs in the major cities of Russia. Although otkhodnichestvo is a mass phenomenon, it is not reflected in official economic statistics.

Based on numerous interviews with otkhodniks and local experts, this stunningly original work focuses on the central and northern regions of European Russia. The authors draw a social portrait of the contemporary otkhodnik and offer a sociological assessment of the economic and political status these 'wandering workers' live with.

"A really interesting book. Obvious are comparisons with other labor and social markets in China, the EU, and even in Australia. […] Naturally, the local authorities do not concern themselves with these out-of-town workers, because they add nothing to their expenditure budgets but bring a lot into the spending side."
Dr. Gregory R. Copley, President of the International Strategic Studies Association, Washington, DC, USA

"This book is a definite breakthrough in sociology."
Dr. Tatiana Nefedova, Leading research fellow, Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

"[The book] provides a better understanding of the current social and economic impact that the Moscow agglomeration and St. Petersburg have on the labor markets and employment pattern of the adult population of working age throughout the European part of Russia."
Prof. Dr. Alexander Chepurenko, Dean of the Department of Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow.

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