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Сделать доступным независимое знание, основанное на социальных научных исследованиях:  на фактах и статистике, а не на идеологии, образах и клише.


В Германии вышла книга по результатам проекта "Экспаты на российском рынке труда".


Karacharovskiy, Vladimir; Shkaratan, Ovsey; Yastrebov, Gordey  
Towards a New Russian Work Culture 
Can Western Companies and Expatriates Change Russian Society? 

This innovative book offers a fresh perspective on the national work culture of Russia and the substantial role foreign institutional and cultural impact has had in shaping it. Russia's contemporary work culture is understood as a national system supplemented by new values and attitudes that have been adopted through the mediation of foreign individuals and corporations or in response to the challenges of Western competition. It is argued that the ‘foreign factor’ triggers change in the landscape of Russia's work culture, the scope of which depends on the type of influence. However, there is a certain core of the work culture that remains resistant to any external impact. 

Приобрести книгу можно на сайте издательства Ibidem.